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The MaxMidi ToolKit accompanying Maximum MIDI consists of two Dynamic Link Libraries and seven C++ classes that give Windows 95 (and now Windows NT) applications easy access to MIDI functions. The functions and classes are both easy to use and powerful. Unmodified, the ToolKit provides enough features to implement nearly any MIDI program. But since the ToolKit includes full source code for the DLLs and classes, programmers can add new features and modify existing ones without having to start from scratch.

The ToolKit also contains over a dozen example programs that illustrate how to use the available features and provide jumping-off points for developing new applications. Three of the examples are full-featured programs in their own right. These examples concentrate on the ToolKitís MIDI features and implement basic user interfaces. Start with the MidiSpy, SxLib, and MaxSeq programs, and then add friendlier user interfaces, to produce advanced, full-featured MIDI programs.

You can download working copies of MidiSpy, SxLib, and MaxSeq.

  • MidiSpy is a MIDI viewer that displays events as they are received, either in hex or as an interpreted trace.
  • SxLib is a simple sysex librarian that will receive and send bulk sysex dumps from MIDI instruments and store them in standard (*.syx) files.
  • MaxSeq is a multitrack sequencer that reads and writes Standard MIDI Files. It can record and play any number of tracks, but it lacks any editing features. After all, I have to leave something for you to do, don't I?